- P.H.

"Leslie helped me attain a goal that I had been thinking about for more than 10 years -- an Alcatraz swim. And a swim across the Golden Gate, and half a dozen other open water swims of 1 mile or more that started with a simple desire to not be afraid in open water anymore -- or at least be able to work with my fear rather than be limited by it. She gently led me to recognize some long-held "beliefs" were really just "habits," assumptions that I had about myself and my body that limited what I could do -- or rather what I felt I could do. Fears of failure, panic, physical and psychological discomfort in cold water were all issues that she helped me look at in new ways that allowed me to move forward and through them. I cannot thank her enough for her warm and effective coaching that led to major breakthroughs for me on many different levels (in swimming, work, and family relationships!). Leslie is the best!"


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