Leslie offers PSYCH-K sessions by phone, or by request, ZOOM, Skype, or What's APP.  


Free session

Leslie offers a free 30-minute phone session to new clients as an introduction to PSYCH-K. In this first session, it is possible to cover one or two beliefs that you wish to change.




PSYCH-K can be used in a number of ways. It can be used to balance specific belief statements that the client produces, it can be used to ask the "system" to guide the client to the most important belief statement to balance for, or a hybrid of the two. Leslie tends to work in the third way - using both the client's deepest knowing and the guidance of the superconscious - to arrive at the key statement.  

A typical session begins with talking and coaching, to identify and dive deeper into the issue(s) the client would like to work with. When a core belief about an issue has been realized, the client will then do a PSYCH-K "balance" for it [see How it Works below for a description of a "balance"]. Leslie may then take some time to discuss the balance experience and further process any thoughts or feelings around the issue.

If you prefer not to talk through an issue or situation (receive coaching, etc.), we can simply spend the session balancing for various belief statements. Leslie empowers her clients to direct the session and let Leslie know how they would like to use the PSYCH-K for their own growth and healing.

Leslie also incorporates distance Reiki healing into all 60 and 90 minute sessions, to support the PSYCH-K work and deepen the client's healing.


The PSYCH-K protocol involves "balances". This is a somatic, meditative process that Leslie will guide you through. The "balance" is the process by which we shift beliefs so that the unconscious mind and the conscious mind are in resonance.

Muscle testing is used and done by Leslie to confirm or deny various questions asked of the superconscious mind. The client performs all other aspects of the balance.


For a session you will need to be in a quiet, private space where you can sit in a chair or on a sofa and move your body into the "cross-body" position required for the PSYCH-K protocol. You may also want to use a headset or at least have speaker mode on your phone, as you will need both hands free at several points during the session.

You may come to the session with something you would like to work with— perhaps it is an area of your life that isn't going as well as you'd like, or maybe you just want more of something that is going well.



PSYCH-K sessions are available in three time lengths. Many people begin with 60 minutes, and much can be accomplished in 60 minutes. It is also nice to have the space to explore in more depth through a longer session.

$30 for 30 minutes
$60 for 60 minutes
a package of three 60-minute sessions is available for $150
$90 for 90 minutes

Some folks do a one-off session to address one or two beliefs. It is also possible to do sessions on an ongoing basis, to delve deeper into a particular issue or to address several issues. Some issues and beliefs are resolved in one or two balances, while others have layers that benefit from further exploration.

Leslie recommends an integration of a week or two between sessions.



To schedule a session, please contact Leslie by email or through the contact form on the website [see the CONTACT PAGE]. A day and time for the session will be determined by Leslie and the client. Leslie will then email you two intake forms to complete before the initial session. Or, you may BOOK ONLINE HERE.

For the appointment, please phone Leslie at the agreed appointment time. Leslie’s phone number will be provided before the appointment.



Before your very first full (paid) session with Leslie, please read and sign the WAIVER online here. This is required before the work between you and Leslie may begin.



Cancellation policy: please cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time, or a charge of half the session price will be applied. No cancellation fee is applied to free sessions, but please do let Leslie know if you won't be able to keep your appointment for a free session.



Payment is handled through PayPal. Please pay Leslie before the session or within 24 hours after the end of the session. Payment can be sent through PayPal to the email address:
b e h o m e c o a c h i n g AT g m a i l DOT c o m

Payment can also be sent by check in the mail. If this is your preferred payment method, please tell Leslie, and she will provide an invoice at the end of the session.