Leslie’s vision

Our greatest gift is to be at home in our bodies, minds, and spirits, to awaken to what is possible for ourselves, and to blossom into who we truly are. Love, mindfulness, and body wisdom are guiding all of us to the expression of our true essence and to the full experience of our lives.



I support people to expand their thinking, to create more possibility for themselves. My role is to guide you to heal deep wounds, awaken to the full power of your creativity, and develop more intimacy with yourself and others. This happens through the practices of feeling your feelings, taking 100% responsibility, and using PSYCH-K to work through fear, limiting beliefs, conditioning, and stuckness. The result of this work will be experiencing more ease and peace in your life and achieving your goals.

I bring to this work and my relationship with clients: non-judgment, compassion, kindness, patience, and, occasionally, humor. I care deeply about my clients and want the best for them.



For the last 13 years I have studied and incorporated into my own life, the work of Gay and Katie Hendricks, PSYCH-K, Alison Armstrong, and Byron Katie. I am a certified advanced PSYCH-K facilitator, a graduate of the Hendricks Institute Conscious Living and Loving Trainings, and a certified life coach through Coach Training Alliance. I am also a trained Reiki practitioner and bring many years of Buddhist meditation and mindfulness practice to my work. For the past 15 years, I have helped people learn to have fun through adventures in open water swimming, with my company Swim Art.